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Site Owners

UKBillboards are actively seeking to expand their inventory and have an urgent demand for well-located traditional 'paper and paste' and backlight panels throughout the UK - Those that traditional media contractors are culling or telling landowners are worth less every time a renegotiation occurs. Well, we want them.

So what is different about UKBillboards and traditional media contractors offering?

It is very simple. UKBillboards develop and manage Outdoor media assets for the client landowner and share the net profit. In return for a 10 year agreement, our client landlords either receive a guaranteed licence fee paid by Standing Order with a RPI review at the end of Year 5, or 50% of net profit.

The holding company, Outdoor Media Management Limited, is registered with the Royal Insitution of Chartered Surveyors and administers its services strictly in accordance with the RICS Rules of Conduct. The duty of care to the Client is paramount at all times and as all revenue is held in an RICS audited Client Account, each Client landowner has total transparency on all revenue and costs.

What does this mean?

Typically, and by that we mean in most cases, the revenue generated for the client is significantly higher than that paid by a media contractor to their landlords.

Who pays the costs of development?

UKBillboards pay the capex and then amortize those costs and set them against revenue over the initial five years. Ours sites are all built and maintained to an industry leading standard with full public liability insurance in addition to our RICS professional indemnity.

Any downside?

Yes, if UKBillboards fail to sell the site then no revenue is generated and no payments are made to the Client.

Because we pay for the initial development and invest considerable time and effort in the marketing of each site, only sites that offer true potential are accepted.

In the first instance please complete the form, email admin@ukbillboards.com, or call Tim Thomas, MRICS on 0333 900 1200.